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Monday, July 14, 2008

This weekend...

 husband and I went to Baker City, Oregon. It was very hot in the lowlands, but we headed up to Anthony Lake (7,100 ft) and it was so pleasant there. We watched osprey soar over the lake, and take an occasional dive into the water. I knew that there were birds who did that, but this was my first time to witness it.

We watched several dives, but none resulted in a catch. We speculated on why this might be. My husband said the bird was as lousy a fisherman as he is. Other thoughts: keeping the fish on their toes, keeping in shape, cooling off. Maybe they just dive because it is fun.

Another sweet surprise was finding snowbanks. We had been enjoying the wildflowers as we walked around the lake, but were not expecting to find some playing in the snow.

What a blessing to enjoy God's creation. Even better: enjoying God's creation with your husband of 26 years.

appy anniversary darlin'!

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