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Friday, August 15, 2008

Ouch and Yuck

A couple of days ago I was rushing through the house to get to my cell phone, which was announcing a call from my brother. Between the rushin' and the discussion I jammed my little toe into a cool old wooden crate that belonged to my father-in-law and I am now nursing a probable broken toe. It is purple and black and red and fat. I have been giving it ice water baths (as recommended by my favorite podiatrist) and keeping it up and protecting it like a mamma bear watches over her cubs. A friend offered a boot for me to wear (the kind that comes up to the knee, Velcros on and causes the wearer's gate to resemble that of Frankenstein's monster) and I know that wearing it is a good idea, but I am afraid I am going to injure myself further as I purpose to go one direction while it flings me another. I am not the most coordinated person I know. At any rate, my days and nights are all messed up, as I am having a hard time sleeping. Naps are my friends at this point-I am waiting on the next one even now. Ouch, my toe hurts! (I am such a baby!)

I finally added some more stuff to my profile; this blog is still in its infancy and will see more changes before I am content, I am sure. In the profile I mentioned that my husband dislikes technology (which is where the yuck comes from). Boy howdy. Earlier in the year someone at church was telling him how to do something on the computer and he asked, "What is scroll?" Understanding of his statement, "I know nothing about computers," was finally solidified. He preached for over ten years and every sermon was handwritten. He will use an old typewriter, however.

Thankfully, he is finally packing a prepay-minutes type of cell phone. It was a tough sell, but the camel-back-breaking straw was when he was seriously injured on a job and there was no one around to help. Providentially, he was a couple of blocks from a clinic and was able to hold a rag on his bleeding arm and walk to get help (driving was out of the question). It could have just as easily happened out in the country, working at a place where no one was home. He packs the phone, and he uses the phone, but he still isn't crazy for cell phones.

P.S. I don't know much about broken toes, but I am thinking that it is probably not broken. This morning I can bend it without pain! The ice water baths and elevation have done wonders. I am so relieved!

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