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Saturday, September 27, 2008


It always takes me unawares. Though I am not yet one and fifty, and though I am confident and blessed in my salvation; though I know that God is in control of the machinations of mankind; though I have a wonderful husband, who is my very best friend; though I have two terrific adults (grown children) who are seeking to honor God in their lives, I am sometimes surprised by melancholy. I am confident that it is a menopausal, hormonal thing and I know it will pass. What the melancholy does not do: take away my joy.

On to other stuff.

I keep forgetting that I promised a video of the falls. I just remembered, and here it is CAUTION: YOU ARE ENTERING THE HOME MOVIE ZONE. DO NOT EXPECT TO BE WOWED BY TALENT OR QUALITY:

I see as I look back that not only did I promise to post it, it was supposed to be my next post. I can see it might be a good idea to pay closer attention to what I say here. Please forgive me.

We started AWANA two Wednesday's ago, and it is such a blast! I am a T&T girls leader and they are so eager to tuck God's Word away in their hearts. During handbook time, after prayer, the leaders are literally listening to verses non-stop. What an incredible joy it is to be a part of this ministry.

I also get to be on the rotation for teaching Children's Church. It will be different than teaching Sunday School, in that there is not time for crafts and such, but it should be challenging and a blessing. I taught it my first time at the end of the summer, when there was no one else available, but next Sunday will be my first on the rotation. The fun thing is that I get to set up the schedule, so I am arranging things so I can teach with my daughter again when she is home at Christmas.


Connie said...

I so understand and appreciate your thoughts on 'melancholy'--having been in the midst of it for several days I am just emerging today, thankfully!

I don't care for the hormonal 'control' (or attempt to control) my emotions, but it does seem to be a new 'battlefield' for me. Sigh... :-)

Becky, a slave of Christ said...

I have used an herbal female formula for years, but sometimes I still am off balance. I am grateful it doesn't last for too long. By the next day or so after this post it was gone. I do think the herbs help it to not be too bad. One thing I probably need to take up again is Red Raspberry leaf tea. It is truly a woman's friend. Thanks for stopping by, Connie, glad you are feeling better.