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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Don't play along

I was listening to Adrian Rogers* this morning and something he said (truth from God's Word, so go figure) hit me, hard. (I am imitating Carla here; I love the way she emphasizes her points, with a comma, it works.) My not-yet-one-and-fifty brain will not be able to quote the man, so I will give a kinda, sorta, idea of what it was that he said that triggered this post.

He said that the devil wants us fighting amongst ourselves (Dr. Rogers--doctor, not mister {comment #14}--was talking about Christians, but I am sure it is nearly as satisfying for the dragon of old if unbelievers are battling) and he is right. It is so easy to hold grudges. I hold a few believers (and unbelievers too, for that matter) in a special place in my heart...where I can stew over them, contemplating specific wrongs they have done to me. Some of them really have done me wrong, but then, I have done others wrong as well and I certainly expect to be forgiven.

The way Dr. Rogers put it made me want to let it all go; especially with other believers; we are going to spend eternity together, you know. It's just that, the farther away I get from the sermon (umm...maybe 3 1/2 hours by now) the less sure I am; after ALL THAT TIME, the conviction starts to waver and my pride starts gaining the upper hand. (Insert assorted appropriate names here) really, really did me wrong (licking my wounds even now). My anger and anguish are justified...right?**

I am certainly grateful that God doesn't waver, that He forgives and forgets, and that His grace is sufficient.

*In case you want to be convicted too, the date of the message is October 8 (duh) but at OnePlace they don't have it up at the time of this post. Perhaps they don't post it on there until the next day after the broadcast.

**FYI: My heart is deceitful and desperately wicked. I better find a verse to memorize to help me out here.

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