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Monday, October 20, 2008

Sick Leave

It was only meant to be a journal of sickness kind of thing, but this blog brings me up short. I need to be thanking God for all that happens in my life, with the understanding that He has a purpose in it. Also, I am going to try very hard to keep Andrew, Grace and their family, as well as other Christians suffering in so many ways--choosing to glorify God in the midst of them--in my prayers.
Day One: Spent the first portion of the day working on artwork, noticing an ache in my neck. At some point start noticing I also have a sore throat. As the day progresses, the pain in my throat worsens and I start having little stabbing pains in my muscles along with a general feeling of not being well. By evening I am running a low-grade fever and can tell I am in for some down time. Occasional piercing pains in my ear catch me up short. I decide to sleep in the recliner in the living room to protect my darling from this beast lurking around inside of me. The night is long and miserable, and I am up often.

Day Two: Definitely sick. No way to get comfortable. The bed. The chair. The bed. The chair. Turn this way, try that way. Impossible. The fever presses on and I take a clue from Kim (I would have done this anyway, it is what a woman does when she is sick) and watch Pride and Prejudice (the best version). I am too mindless to notice anything new...except for relating to poor, sick Jane after she is forced by her mother to ride the horse in the rain. As night draws near I am dreading it, how will I endure those dragging hours? (The Jane Austin influence may make this a bit melodramatic.) I plug in a rented copy of Iron Man. I am way into the movie before I realize that bald guy is Jeff Bridges! The movie isn't exactly what I would call family friendly; I wonder how many kids have seen it because it is a Marvel/superhero flick. My husband volunteers to sleep in a different room and give me the bed, as I usually sleep well there. I still wake up miserable regularly in the night, usually I think, what should I do now? but nothing productive comes to mind, so I change positions. At one point I sleep crosswise at the top of the bed with pillows tucked all around. It is cozy, but not so much to negate the wicked V.

Day Three: Sometime in the night, I think my fever broke, though I haven't bothered to check today. I am still miserable, but as the day goes on I am feeling some better (must be, I am typing this). My throat is becoming less painful and I feel a bit stronger. My neck still hurts. I am eating small amounts of soft food and it is setting well with my tummy, which has not been nauseous, just miserable (...perhaps the title of this post should be Miserable instead of Sick Leave). I watch part of first class in a course that began last night, Historical Theology I and will probably watch a bit more later. I watch another Austin favorite of mine and this time, I am thinking enough to notice things like what the characters are wearing. Pretty costumes. Proper ending.

Yesterday, I didn't even turn on the computer until late in the day, and then I think all I did was check email, today I made a post on my blog and did a little studying: things are definitely improving! I am way behind on the news though.

This is one of the books we are required to read in the HT class; I have already started it and it is wonderful. I will probably post on it later.


Anonymous said...

Missed you this week at church...and Bible study...and AWANA. :) I hope you are feeling better! We have sickos now too, so I'm trying not to get it. See you Sunday, assuming we are both upright!

Becky, a slave of Christ said...

Oh dear! I hope you don't all get it! I missed being at each of those events. Especially AWANA, as by that time, I was pretty sick of being sick and missing everyone terribly. Still am. Hopefully this will be cleared by Sunday, I keep having different symptoms come along. I am getting in some studying though, which is very helpful.