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Friday, November 7, 2008

Found: A Treasure OR God's Word really is true

Tonight my husband and I were at an Elder/Deacon Retreat for our church. Let me clarify something right up front: I am not an elder, nor am I a deacon. This is a working/planning/brain-storming retreat to which the wives are invited.

One of our elders gave a devotional message to kick off the retreat and in the message he quoted A. W. Tozer. I wanted that particular quote for a particular reason and asked him if he would email it to me. He wouldn't. He told me to go to the blog he got it from. I was a little frustrated, but worked hard to remember its name and came home and did a search.

One of the points he made in his devotion is if Christians complain about anything we are wrong. We are supposed to thank God for everything, even the bad stuff. So, my frustration of, Why won't he just email this to me? was already proof I was forgetting what I had heard. I found the blog really fast; first page of the Google search, but when I got there...uggh! I had to scroll through page after page, checking out each entry to spot Tozer's name and hopefully the right quote.

In everything give thanks. My conclusion? My friend, and elder, knew exactly what he was doing. This site is a huge spiritual blessing. The host is Pastor Ray Ortland, his blog is called Christ is deeper still (see link to the right of this page and down a bit under, Wisdom Abounds). This is a peaceful place where you can drink deeply of spiritual truth.

One of the treasures I found there was this recording of J. I. Packer on the ESV. I have read his books, but never enjoyed the delight of seeing him speak. He is such a sweet, charming, gentle soul. How beautiful is the body of Christ.

You might want to grab a cup of tea before you watch this; it is entirely appropriate.

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