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Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Ashley's condition is not good. There is a website where you can read her story. I am asking for prayers for her...she needs a lot of prayer. God is able; if He is willing.

Ashley Rivers

Her parents are exhausted, but trusting God. Pray for them as well.

A lady in our church just sent out a plea for prayer for these two little girls, Natalie and Isabel (ages 2 & 3), who were in a terrible accident as well. My friend said that her aunt just called her and said that Natalie has taken a turn for the worse.


BruinEric said...

Here is the right link to use:

The link posted above is generic and won't take a user to ashley's site unless they had just visited it prior.

(No connection to Ashley other than reading her story on Pyromaniacs -- just a user of caringbridge and frequent visitor to those sites)

Becky, a slave of Christ said...

Thanks B. Eric; the link has been fixed.