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Monday, December 15, 2008

Prayer Requests

This has been a challenging year for our church, as there have been a series of serious health issues and other trials that have come along. Some are resolved, some are ongoing. Right now there are several people who could use your prayers. In the midst of these, we have also seen God's grace as He has dispensed blessings to His people.

Lynn our AWANA secretary and a beautiful woman who loves the Lord. A few months ago she had a sudden paralysis of one side of her body. Another sweet lady in our church has a brother-in-law who is a neurosurgeon in Boise, which is a couple of hours away from us. Lynn went to see him and he ran many tests, but was unable to discover why this happened to her. The serious stuff was ruled out (tumors and such) and she basically did therapy as if it were a stroke. Since then she had one more episode, but this past Wednesday, she received a clean bill of health.

Praise God for His providence, the scope of which will become apparent as you read on.

Ashley a young lady who was in a car accident last Wednesday evening on her way to the church office to make some copies for the AWANA Christmas party (she serves as assistant to her mother, Lynn, who you have already met). She was T-boned on the driver's side, her head and shoulder took the brunt of the impact and she is in a coma. The hospital she is in is 2 hours from home and the weather has turned wintry, leaving treacherous roads between. Her brothers (one in high school, one older) are at home and her parents are with her. Her father needs to be back to work on Wednesday, but wants to be there when she wakes up. Her parents have a deep faith and are trusting God.

Praise God for the connections He has given our body to this exceptional neurosurgeon. Please pray for comfort and peace for the family, for the doctors to have wisdom in treating her, for Ashley to heal from her injuries and wake up, for God to be glorified.

Jerry and Jennifer's baby boy busy growing in his momma's tummy. On the same Wednesday of Ashley's accident, an ultrasound revealed that one of his kidneys has a couple of cysts on it and is not functioning properly.

Praise God that He has created us to be able to live with only one kidney.

Please pray that, according to His will, God will heal the second kidney. Pray that through this trial God's hand will be clearly seen and that the believers involved will be comforted and the unbelievers will be converted. Pray that when this little guy is born that he will grow up to be a bold witness for Jesus Christ.

A.J. a young man, either 12 or 13, who God must have big plans for. He has diabetes and is a celiac. A few months ago, in the midst of a cold or flu, he came down with a severe infection that had all of us before God's throne begging for healing. A week ago Sunday, his mother recognized that those symptoms were returning and took him to the hospital. Because it was caught early and they knew what they were dealing with, he was treated and recovered quickly, which is a praise. But his battle is ongoing.

Praise God that He has given A.J. loving, alert, attentive parents.

Please pray that God will give him spiritual wisdom beyond his years and that his life reflects that wisdom.

John A.J.'s daddy and right now he and his wife Kim are in a neighboring state at the bedside of John's father who is dying. This is breaking John and Kim's hearts, because it is always hard to lose someone you dearly love and this someone does not know the Lord.

Praise God that He has enabled John and Kim to be there.

Pray that God will draw John's father to the truth.

Emily the sweetest little dolly, with bright eyes and a ready smile. She is talking up a storm and you can almost understand what she says. Emily is around 2 years old and on Friday, while John and Kim were at the bedside of John's dying father, the word finally came (after months of waiting) of the judge's decision that the adoption is final and Emily is theirs!

Praise God for blessing this family in such a profound way in the midst of their trials.

Pray that God will grow this little bundle of energy into a beautiful, godly, woman.

Janice my sister. She has been in severe pain for a month now, for which she has gone to the emergency room once and for which pain medications has had little effect. After a number of tests, the doctor diagnosed her with a pinched nerve in her neck and sent her to physical therapy. She had an appointment this coming Wednesday with a neurologist, but this past Saturday the pain was so severe that all she could do was cry. My brother-in-law called and wondered about that connection we have with this same, caring neurosurgeon (who is in the area they they live in). He was hoping they could get her an appointment with him today instead of waiting until Wednesday. In 24 hours, the doctor had seen her, diagnosed the problem and performed surgery! She had two ruptured disks in her spine.

Praise God for how He has worked this out in such an amazing way and brought glory to Himself.

Pray for Jan's recovery.
Update on Janice: she is home and except for what comes from the surgery itself, she is pain free and so relieved!

Jessie a sweet, godly woman in our church who is battling cancer. A few years ago she had gone through treatments for breast cancer, which were successful. Then this year it was discovered that she had cancer in her liver and in her neck. She has gone through chemotherapy and radiation, but the doctors are unable to do more for her. She is now undergoing alternative treatments. This is her last worldly option.

Praise God for her husband, who gives her sweet support. Praise God for their sustaining faith.

Pray that God will do something amazing through this and that, if it is His will, the cancer will be eliminated for good.

Jesus the wonderful, awesome, omniscient God, who has been attending to all of these needs. It is because of Him that praises can be woven between accounts of danger and pleas for mercy. It is because of Him that we have hope, no matter what happens on this earth.

Praise Him for His marvelous provision.

Pray that His will is done in all things. Pray that all are drawn to His truth.

Celebrate Him this Christmas and always.