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Friday, January 16, 2009

About that Historical Theology Test

One of the things I am having to prepare myself for is the actual writing when I take the test. I have never been an endurance writer. I remember early on in homeschooling, while I was attending a yearly seminar for curriculum development, being taught that if you write correctly (holding the pencil/pen correctly, using your whole arm, rather than just your wrist, etc.) you could write all day if you needed to do so. G.A. Henty's secretary hand wrote all of his books while he dictated them to her; that would take some marathon handwriting skills! John MacArthur hand writes EVERYTHING he writes! My husband does as well. Reality check: lots of people have handwritten lots of stuff.

Me? I am an artist and if I take the time to draw my letters, they look lovely, but normally my handwriting is more scrawl than art. I was amazed last year when one of the T&T girls in AWANA told me she liked my handwriting. Years ago I worked at Kmart on the service desk. When I would put my Kmart John Henry on any paper work, the customers would say something like, I had missed my calling; I should have been a doctor (I could have been a contender...).

(That's it! I will blame someone else...public schools maybe!)

But in one month, I am going to have to write out this exam. It is a 2 hour test, and my intention is to be able to have the information down well enough to complete that test. The kicker is that it will, indeed, have to be handwritten...and legible. To prepare for this marathon, I am writing all of my test prep notes by hand. I am forcing myself to relax my hand while I write. I am forcing myself to write legibly. Not easy, but hopefully this will set the stage for me (and others) to actually be able to read my writing when I come back to it later.

Note: Don't be surprised if I do manage to keep posting through this study time; it is therapy.

P.S. On a completely unrelated subject...this poster came in an email and I don't know who created it, but I think it is great. In spite of (perhaps because of) everything, I am still a fan of this lady.

P.S. #2: I have always known that if anyone decided to follow this blog, the feed would drive them nuts. When I am creating a post, I publish and edit; It is the only way I can be sure the layout is right. So my apologies to the one person brave enough to publicly follow me, Jennifer.


Jennifer Marshall said...

I never thought of myself as brave, but I do enjoy your posts. Write on, sister!

emmaus said...

we are suppose to be studying?

Carrots said...

I hadn't noticed the follow option previously. How long has that been there??? You now have two followers. :)

Becky, slave of Christ said...

Thanks, Jen!
Yes, Vicki, we are!
You are kind (and apparently brave) Samantha!

KariCHINA said...

Hm. Maybe the whole holding the pen correctly thing is part of my problem 'cause it's to the point where I can barely write a paragraph without my hand aching. It makes short-answer midterms and finals HEINOUS. Maybe I should look into that..hehe. :)

Becky, slave of Christ said...

Last night during class I had to work so hard to keep the hand relaxed. Sitting on a couch, trying to take long notes in a too-small space on the page is really rough. When it comes to test time, I am sitting at a table! Thanks for stopping by GZ; between this unexpected surprise and facebook, it's like your not so far away. Have a great day of classes.