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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Taking a break

My husband has a men's Bible study in our home on Tuesday evenings. For this study, he is writing his own material, based in the Psalms. My job is to take it from handwritten to print. This morning, I am typing up Psalm 10.

You can see from the photograph what I have to work from. He has beautiful handwriting, but it is often an adventure to decipher his notes. He is an economic writer, so he often employees the old-fashioned cut and paste method, where he takes literal scissors and cuts literal paper and tapes it to the literal spot he wants it on the literal page...literally. One of the fun features of the study is that I get to come up with icons to illustrate the various parts of the study. Today, he introduced a new one, which is what the attached note is about...but that is not why I am taking a break from my typing for him to type for you instead.

What I really wanted to tell you was that, just before I started to blog this, I was sitting...

...where I am sitting now...typing away, with the author standing behind me, watching my fingers fly. (Don't you hate it when that happens?) I am typing away when he suddenly started laughing, hard. I looked up at the screen and saw the following:

The evildoer does not seek God (v. 4). Why does Tod seek him out in verse 15?

I started laughing at the typo and my honey started saying things like: We belong to the cult of Tod...we worship Tod...Tod, our faithful leader...(not direct quotes, my short term memory is out to lunch).

Perhaps you had to be here, but maybe you will get a chuckle out of it too. Often when I am typing I look up to see silly things like that and have a little laugh on my own; it is nice to share it with someone.

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