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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Why I love my computer

So, I have been out of the loop since last Saturday evening when I was typing up my husband's most recent installment for his men's Bible study on the Psalms and suddenly my computer froze up. At first I thought it was my Microsoft Comfort Optical Mouse 3000, but then I tried various methods to safely shut it no avail. I couldn't even manually shut it down pushing the on/off button on the front of the tower.

Long story short: warranty expires next month (praising God for that!), a Dell technician came to my home today and the computer has been revived!

Why I love my computer: I opened Word to start a new document and there was a special side bar on the left where the documents I was working at at the time, which I was convinced would be lost, were listed there, waiting for me to come back to them and save them for further use later! Perhaps what I love is my antiquated, but preferred, MS Word 2003; even if this is true--I still love my computer (not like I love my LORD, or my honey, or my kiddos...umm...adults, or my mommy, however!).

Even though I am back: I won't be spending the time I really want to spend browsing the net, reading blogs, making comments & posts for a bit; my pastor (who I am also extremely fond of) is a hard task master and he is actually going to go through with the promised Historical Theology tests. The first is in about a month from now and it is going to take a lot of work to prepare for it. I am so pleased to have my computer available again; I can't believe how many times I have wanted to search for information on the web as I have been preparing for the test. Big WOOT!!!

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