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Monday, February 9, 2009

The Wonder of It All

Funny. As I was considering what I wanted to put in this post, in celebration of Ashley's rapidly advancing recovery, a specific hymn came to mind. I went to Cyber Hymnal to see if I could get the lyrics, but they didn't seem to have it there. So I went to the old fashioned kind of hymnal, where I knew it would be, and found it waiting there for me. I glanced down to see who had written it and saw the name, George Beverly Shea. Ahh, I thought, he just had a birthday.

I decided to search You Tube to see if he is posted there singing the song, and he is. I started listening and thought...wait, what song was he singing when Dan posted him? If you went to the birthday link you already know. Thanks for posting it then, Dan, and at the risk of being a copy cat...

...I am also going to post here in honor of the wonder God has worked in Ashley's life. Yesterday, we were told that Ashley was able to read and today she checked her email and facebook! She is back. She still has a lot of healing to do, but she is alive and she is fully aware. Go Ashley! Praising God for His awesome mercy.

Who could watch that too many times?

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