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Friday, March 27, 2009

Ashley -15 days from home!

I haven't done a post concerning Ashley's progress in a while. So much has been happening with her! She has gone from being in a deep coma to building a farm on Facebook since her accident on December 12th of last year. Her brain injury was one that left the doctors uncertain how far she would recover. On December 31, they were thinking they should move her to a different type of facility because they had been unable to get her off of the ventilator, but instead, she was moved to the rehabilitation floor and in less than a month she no longer had the trachiotomy. On January 27th, she was declared to be out of the coma.

Each week has seen amazing steps in her recovery. Many people watched and prayed as news came that Ashley was able to move her head on command and clearly respond to those around her. Then, she said five words one day and I was floored, but that was only the beginning. Within a few days she asked her dad to check her email and Facebook for her, which required her remembering her user names and passwords. She did! Things just seemed to snowball at that point and she has come so very far!

She is walking with the aid of a walker and has been able to get out and about. She uses a wheelchair when she is taking in the sights and sounds of the city and has been to the zoo, the movies, out to dinner (many times), shopping and on other wonderful adventures. Those activities, which are seemingly normal stuff, are incredible, incredible blessings!

A fellow Awana leader and her family went to see her last week and Ashley asked if, when she gets back home, she can come back and help at Awana as we finish out the year! Our Awana students are ecstatic and so am I!

Ashley has come far. She continues to work so hard in her physical therapy and is eager to do all she can to strengthen her body. God has been so gracious to her and all of us who care about her. He clearly has more in store for this young lady. May He be glorified mightily in her life.

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