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Here there be cookies. (Blogger uses cookies, folks.)

Friday, March 13, 2009


My husband and I went on a date not long ago. I was amazed he was willing to go to Inkheart, as he usually doesn't care for this type of flick. But he went and he enjoyed it as much as I did. This movie is exciting, delightful (wait, I already used that adjective in the title) and just plain fun. Well worth the price of admission.

A friend asked me if it is okay for children, to which I would say, watch it, decide for yourself. You know how much suspense your child can/should handle. I am recommending it to my children adults...but they are in their 20's. :)

Speaking of apostrophes and their usage. Dan Phillips linked to a blog which every supporter of my Grammar Matters cause would enjoy. Which reminds me of another blog, which Dan also spotted some time ago and which I have been dropping in on from time to time for ever so long.

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