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Here there be cookies. (Blogger uses cookies, folks.)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

But why is the rum gone?

I cut and pasted this from a Facebook note I wrote. Sometimes you gotta write when the moment presents itself:

Our culture affects us in unexpected ways sometimes. Tonight, I used Captain Jack's famous line in a conversation with my husband and I didn't even realize why until I went back and analyzed it. It went as follows:

“Where is a’ Kempis?” I asked.
“Oh, I believe he was in France or…somewhere.” He responded.
“But why is the rum gone?” I retorted, “Where is the book?”
“Oh, I think you hid it in that bookcase over there, behind the recliner.”
He was right.

Afterward, I wondered why I did that and I went back over the conversation in my mind, reasoning it through. I realized I had used "but why is the rum gone" to mean, "your answer is irrelevant to my question, let me explain what I mean."

Did I just coin something? I think so. You "heard" it here first.


Jennifer Marshall said...

LOL Sounds like Matt and I's "I don't think fish live that long." LONG story. lol

Becky, slave of Christ said...

I was thinking about the "read it here first" comment. That is only true if you didn't read my note on Facebook already.

I like the fish phrase, Jennifer. I better be careful, I tend to be long winded and sometime Matt might use it on me.


Carrots said...

We use the rum phrase in our house when somebody asks an obvious question. Thanks for giving us a new usage!

Matt said...

I like the line, but haven't had a to use it before. I'll have to consider this. Thanks, :-).