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Sunday, May 10, 2009

About that Ashley

I haven't posted anything about Ashley in a long time. She got back home soon enough to be able to visit Awana before the end of the year! Considering the doctor was saying early on that he didn't expect her to be back home for a year, everyone was emotional that night. It is such a blessing that her family is together again. This trial was hard on all of them.

A non-medical assessment: She looks really good and seems happy and content. Her smile (which is a regular feature on her sweet face) is contagious. She gets around mostly with a walker, though she has used a wheelchair at times. Her short term memory seems a little cloudy at times, but it also seems to me to be improving. She is working hard on a variety of therapies that keep her very busy, including speech therapy once a week. I can see improvements each time I see her. She farms on facebook and checks her email and is frequently seen at church social gatherings. She has signed up to help with the music at VBS, which was her job last year.

The corner where she had her accident now has a traffic light. Every time I go through that intersection I think of her. I thank God that He has brought her back to us. Thank you if you have prayed for her and thank you for continuing to do so whenever God brings her to mind.

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