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Monday, June 22, 2009


This spring has been the wettest in a long time (probably where you are as well) and the accompanying displays of clouds have been nothing less than spectacular. I am constantly finding myself reaching for my camera, or wishing I had my camera, and always wishing I had a better camera.

Huge, billowy, fluffy clouds, ranging in color from the purist white to grays, to the deepest purples and blacks. Clouds bathed in light and streaked with rainbow. Clouds--tinged in pinks, magentas, fuchsias, purples, yellows and golds--carefully arranged, like the blocks of a patchwork quilt, newly crafted each evening for the sun to snuggle beneath as he drifts off to sleep. Majestic clouds forming the backdrop for pictures we complete in our minds: an alligator, a kitten, a lamb, a guy on a surfboard, maybe a character out of a Seuss story.

When the sky is filled with clouds, it is almost shocking to me, as I am reminded of how very big it is. When the sky is clear and blue I just don't grasp its size. These clouds are humbling as they confront me with the reality of my insignificance in the scope of creation and they always put me in a frame of worship for the Creator, my Lord.

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Kim said...

Just beautiful. I love the sky. Never been to your part of the world before. Closest I've been is North Dakota, Montana and South Dakota.