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Thursday, June 18, 2009

My husband went to the library yesterday...

...and came back with a lovely little treasure. He placed it on my desk and told me he had brought it home for us to look through. I was in the midst of other things and didn't pick it right up. I would give it a glance from time to time, but did not open it. I was busy with other things.

This morning, I was sitting in the living room, waiting for him so that we could begin our Bible reading. He had one more thing to do before we started, so he picked up the book, The Psalms of David With illuminations by James S. Freemantle, and put it in my lap.

Usually when a person opens a book, he turns to the first page of text and begins to read. I did too. I read the forward, written by the son of the author, Stephen Freemantle, who copyrighted the book in 1982. It explains the history of the making of the book, which his father (born in Southern India in 1859) began about the time he married his second wife, Clara. The book was dedicated to her in 1918, but it was not finished until the year of his death, 1934.

The forward is very well written and a delightful peek into the life of James Freemantle and I enjoyed it very much, but it swiftly lead me to the delightful interior. I immediately understood why my husband had brought it home. It is an absolute treasure. The entire book was hand made. Freemantle was an engineering draftsman and, as I have noted in two of my husband's brothers of that profession, his hand was steady and meticulous. The Psalms are in the KJV, which is not surprising for the time it was made, and every Psalm has beautifully unique lettering and design. What a beautiful legacy this man leaves.

I did a search and there are copies available through Amazon and other book sellers. Mostly used, in varying conditions. I already ordered mine.

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