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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pete's Pasta Salad

I am posting this here instead of my gf blog, because I haven't made it gf yet. I am going to do that tomorrow and I am hoping the transfer is delicious. It should be, since the ingredients are strong enough to overwhelm the non-glutenish pasta.

The story.
My husband and I got to spend a weekend with dear old friends who live far enough away that we haven't seen them in a while. Our buddy Pete made this amazing pasta salad, with a twist. He garnished with some lovely nasturtiums, which are edible and taste peppery. The bowl was closest to me, but as it had some unfamiliar (then, but no longer) ingredients, I was wary--yet curious. I was about to serve myself some when I noticed that one of the ingredients was moving. An akward moment for a guest, to be sure, but I mentioned it anyway. It turns out that, though Pete had cleaneded the nasturtiums well and was confident that there were no stow-aways, he had missed a particularly clever earwig. He took a spoon and scooped up the offender, along with its closest environs and we went on with our meal. The salad? Wonderful. I haven't had any since my close encounter of the gluten kind, but I am hoping to be able to enjoy a little this weekend. We are going camping with friends and this is on the menu. Fair warning: Pete cooks using the Aunt Lorena method (see the bold yellow explanation in the first paragraph), as do I.

The recipe.
Pete's Pasta Salad (as Pete sent it to me in an email)
pasta - (whatever kind) [Becky's note: Pete used small shells, which were nice]
1 cup pesto
chopped green onion
sun dried tomatoes
kalamata olives - or some other exotic kind; even regular black olives, but not the pimento stuffed cocktail kind
feta cheese
Parmesan cheese
pepper to taste
salt if needed
1 earwig (optional)

You can also make a pizza with all these as toppings, but the flavor of the pesto kinda bakes out of it. It's still pretty good. Add artichoke hearts, chicken chunks, asparagus, fresh basil leaves, zucchini or whatever else you want. Bake 10 minutes, then put mozzarella cheese on top, then finish baking.

Don't let the ingredients put you off if they are unfamiliar to you (except for maybe the earwig), this combination is really, really, really (have I made this clear enough?) good. Enjoy!

I will let you know how it tastes gluten free...

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