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Here there be cookies. (Blogger uses cookies, folks.)

Monday, July 6, 2009

The garden is growing and

I have been busy producing as well. I am almost finished with an editing project (within 48 hours) and I have been working away on VBS decorations. Tomorrow there is a scheduled work day and I am expecting quite a few peeps to show up to help out. It should be a fun day and hopefully we will make amazing progress.

Concerning my health, I went to a doctor on June 30 and she was able to figure out several things that are going on with me. She started me on a program to deal with them and I am already seeing improvement. I am amazed and grateful.

This coming weekend I am going to be participating in an outreach at a weekend community celebration with a dear friend (and other friends who come to help out). We will be handing out VBS and AWANA invitations, as well as some Gospel tracts. There will be crafts for the kiddos and we hope to start up a conversation or two about our favorite Subject. If you are a believer, pray that the Lord prepares hearts to hear the GOOD NEWS we will be sharing with them and that He will enable us to speak His truth with clarity.

Last year, we did this (at a different community celebration) and we had a couple of young men (13-ish, I think) who knew nothing about Jesus. One of them had no clue who He is and the other one asked, "Is He that guy they stapled to a tree?" but knew no details. I was amazed that these boys had grown up in rural America and never heard about their Creator. They heard it last summer though.

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