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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hummingbirds revisited

Lois sent what she says is the last of the pictures of the humming birds. These take us from their 17th day of life to a nest with only one occupant on day 22 (count beaks along the way and you will see that it is true). Babies grow up and fly away. My son, Jeremiah, has been home for a few days but left this morning to go back to his own place in Pocatello so that he can get on with studying for an important exam coming up in mid-August. I can't believe how much his leaving affected me. I cried before he went out the door. Just a couple of weeks more and Kate will be going as well. Soon Momma Hummingbird and I will both have echoing nests.

Humming birds 17 days

Humming birds 19 days

Humming birds 20 days

Last humming bird 22 days

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