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Thursday, July 16, 2009


My friend Lois and her husband live in the country and they grow lots of fruits and vegetables and put up lots of food and make the most amazing apple cider. Recently, Lois came up to me at church to show me this first picture below; the little hummingbird nest is on their property. Then yesterday she sent me an email with five pictures that capture two weeks of their little lives. I emailed back, asking her if she would allow me to post them here. She gave her permission, with the understanding that I use only her first name. I will tell you that her husband's name is Paul, not Clark, though she does seem to me to be a super woman. Lois labeled each picture as follows:

Newly hatched hummingbird

Two little hummers

Hummingbirds 10 days old

Hummers 2 weeks old
(Lois says they will soon be leaving the nest.)

My fast cat.
Too fast for the camera.
So fast that she has actually
caught a hummingbird before.
(Couldn't resist throwing in my own hummingbird story.)

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Becky, slave of Christ said...

I love how these photos are color coordinated with my blog. :)