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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What I Did On My Summer Vacation (an original title...maybe not)

If I were that guy, lived in that city, owned that cane and crossed that street just before the picture was snapped...this could have been me last week. I was tired then, but I am feeling better after some much needed rest.

The summer was too busy and I am okay leaving it behind. There were some lovely moments along the way though. One of the biggest projects was Vacation Bible School. I was the decorating coordinator and I think a little bit of show and tell is in order.

Years - and two churches - ago, a friend developed a VBS around the book series that features Adam Raccoon and she enlisted me to do all of the artwork and decorating. For the day that was based on the linked book, Adam Raccoon in Lost Woods, I turned the church sanctuary into a giant game board and the stage was made into the Lost Woods. I loved how those trees turned out and decided I wanted to make some for this year's Son Rock Kid's Camp. Early on, I spent too much time one day creating this graphic for what I wanted to do with the entry way.

This is how it came out. The planting was done by Kim (a sweet friend who reads blogs, but does not have one of her own) and Kari China (one of my daughter's best friends who was in town, staying with us that weekend). I am a bit of a perfectionist and would rather not have all of the masking tape show, but it quickly became apparent that it must be visible and ubiquitous if the decorations were going to endure the entire VBS. The deer wouldn't be able to stand up like that if it were not for the Wretch (my newest follower), who drew in the grass and flowers at her feet. It turns out that boy can draw!

In the sanctuary of this old church building there are six pillars holding up the balcony. I decided they should be trees as well. They went through many changed in my mind before they ended up like this. It took several young women a number of hours to grow them.

We made lots and lots of critters, but the one that gave the most trouble was this moose. When he was painted, his cardboard body curled up like a toilet paper roll. We taped him and taped him and taped him to the wall, but he would still be curled up in the morning.

Finally, one afternoon after the children had all gone home, Bullwinkle and I had a showdown. It occurred to me that we were in the midst of a serious battle of wills and I simply had to bend his will to mine. It turns out that bend was exactly the word I was looking for. It finally occurred to my slow-moving brain that cardboard bends and I did that in several places from legs to antlers and the silly critter stayed in place from then on.

We filled the cry room with water, imported some critters and turned it into a pond.

As much fun as it was to see how this all came out, the best part of VBS for me was being a counselor and getting to spend time with the campers.

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