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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What I Did On My Summer Vacation, part 2

Waldo's The other big project of the summer was helping my daughter with her preparations for being the Resident's Assistant (RA) in her hall. School has started and the hall is decked out and being lived in. If the question, "Where's Waldo?" has ever crossed your mind, he and his cohorts can be found hanging out on the walls of her dormitory. (She planned and executed far more than decorations this summer; I am very impressed with the work she put in and am confident that she is going into this huge responsibility well prepared.). I am delighted with the things she came up with for her hall and wanted to share some pictures.

She went through our stuff and found all of the old, wooden frames we were willing to part with and then hit the plethora of second-hand stores in our town. We painted them all the color of Waldo's shoes and then she filled them with various blue, red and yellow materials backed with cardboard. I think she did around twenty of these.

Before this project, the only Waldo characters I could name were...nope, was Waldo, but now I am much better informed. First up, Waldo's faithful canine, Woof. Isn't his dog dish great?

Waldo's dreaded nemesis, Odlaw. I believe he is Waldo's evil twin, but don't quote me on that.

Next up, Waldo's love, Wenda. All of the picture frames were hung from a pipe or something near the ceiling with fishing line.

The girls are each greeted at their doors by a teeny, tiny Waldo.

And somewhere in the hall, they come face to face with this six foot seven fella!


Matt said...

Those look pretty cool. Fantastic theme that brings back great memories of poring through the huge pages of "Where's Waldo" books looking for that tiny red and white figure...

Becky, slave of Christ said...

She took some books too, but I am not sure where she has placed them. I do know she bought one or two used books online so she could hang some individual pages on the inside of the bathroom stall doors.