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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Chirping Crickets, Screaming Monkeys

People tend to resist change. They prefer the status quo, and I am not one to argue. Sometimes change happens, and there is nothing you can do about it no matter how miserable it is. I know, you are thinking right now that this is a political statement, but it isn't. This is all about that lovely time of life that a woman lives through and a man stands trembling on the edge of: THE Change.

That time of life that causes you to scream, "OF COURSE I DO!!" when someone asks you if you happen to have any change, then you walk away and realize they wanted four quarters for that dollar they were holding.

That time of life when you can be going along in a pretty upbeat mood and suddenly you are on the verge of tears and suddenly you are feeling melancholy and suddenly you are hungry and suddenly you are irritated and suddenly you are happy and suddenly you want to break something and suddenly you realize that only five minutes ago you were in a pretty upbeat mood.

That time of life when you are chilly when you crawl into bed, and you pull the covers up to your neck, and you are lying there enjoying the sounds of the crickets and katydids and in approximately 7.5 seconds those chirping crickets have turned into screaming monkeys, and you are in the middle of a rain forest, sweat beading on your brow and under your lip (eww gross), and your whole body is on fire. You fling the covers off of you with lightning speed, the cat goes flying across the room, your husband says something like, "Excuse me?" as you notice him clamoring for the covers you have inadvertently removed from his person (because he is still in a chilly bedroom back home). You lay there on the forest floor, not wanting anything near you (carefully avoiding touching that guy back in the bedroom) and wait for it. And it comes. In about 15.9 seconds the monkeys start to calm down. The air changes from sizzling back to chilly, your head clears, the crickets start singing their lullaby again, you pull the covers back on and drift off to sleep...

...and then those chirping crickets turn into screaming monkeys...


Becky, slave of Christ said...

I use the alarm on my phone to wake up each day and this morning at 6:00, just as it went off, a loud and fierce cat fight broke out just outside our bedroom window. So crickets and monkeys "sang" me to sleep last night (faithful critters that they are) and crickets and cats dragged me awake.

Jenn Marshall said...

Poor Becky. :( I'm feeling your hormonal pain, in a way. Your description sounds quite similar to my own experiences as of late. lol