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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Grammar Matters: Too To Two

A particularly problematic set of triplets are the too/to/two's. Though I know the difference very well, I notice that I sometimes get too and to wrong when I am typing away and not paying attention. I go back through my work and discover that I have used one O instead of two; never the other way around.

Two is a number
"I have two blogs you can check out; one - All We Like Sheep (you are here) and two - my gluten free blog."

To has two uses
First, as a preposition, which comes before a noun
(a noun is a person - "A girl is typing this," place - "A girl is typing in a city," or thing - "A girl is typing this in a city on her computer."):

"Tomorrow I will go to church."

Second, as an infinitive, which comes before a verb
(a verb expresses action - to write, being - to be, or state - to sleep):

"We go to church to learn about God and to worship Him."

Too has two uses too
First, it is a synonym (means the same thing as) for also

"You can come too."

Second, it means over abundance

"People tend to have too many things that keep them from worshipping God."*

The way I remember the difference between to and too is to think that too is always talking about more: more things, more people can come, so it has more O's.

Stay tuned: there is more to come, Mordecai.
*This word has two acceptable spellings: worshipping or matter what your spell checker tells you.


Carrots said...

Makes me want to sing:

"Homophones! Homophones!
Where the crews come cruising down the plane!
Homophones, Homophones!
I need my kneeded biscuits plain!

Funny thing lately, I have caught myself accidently writing "to" in place of "two" or "too" a few times. I never ever have had to think twice and always wrote it correctly on the first try until recently, but now my brain is constantly second-guessing itself about to/too/two. Why, oh why?

Becky, slave of Christ said...

I think your mind is on "other things."