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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Legacy revisited.

My mom went to the funeral of the guy who was the subject of my last post and what she had to say about it caught me off guard. I have had an ongoing discussion with someone about whether or not a Christian would ever commit suicide. The someone says that a believer would never do it. I have argued that we live in a fallen world and our brains, which can be affected by disease and other dreaded effects of the fall, could be damaged in some physical way that would affect the ability to reason properly. Because of this, it seems possible that a believer could get confused mentally and take his own life.

Mom said the reports at the memorial service were that this guy was a believer, but had become mentally unstable. I immediately started to protest the possibility; if he was really Christian, this wouldn't happen. It shocked me to see my response when the rubber hit the road. I had to have a little talk with myself and remind myself of my stand on this. The whole thing has really sent me back to the drawing board on the issue.

Bottom line: I am grateful that I am not the one who decides who is saved and who isn't. It is true that we can judge a person by their fruits, but ultimately only God can judge the heart. There are some great pretenders out there. I hope that this guy wasn't one of them.

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