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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Prayer Request: Haitian Orphan Rescue Mission

A group from two Idaho churches went to Haiti to transport a number of orphans to the Dominican Republic. Ten were arrested and charged with child trafficking. You can read the story at this link to a CBS report on the situation. The orphanage in Haiti was crushed during the earthquake and a new orphanage is being established in the Dominican Republic to house them. The information about their intent is at this Haitian Orphan Rescue Mission is at this site (no longer there) for the New Life Children's Refuge.

I have two friends who were supposed to be going to Haiti and they attend one of the churches. They are not on the list of people who were slated to go, but I found out this evening that they did in fact go with the group. For some reason they were not with the rest in Haiti when they were arrested, but are safe in the Dominican Republic. They have been in contact with people here in the U.S. since the arrest took place.

I am grateful that they are okay, but I'm still concerned for the whole group. God has a plan and I trust Him to carry out that plan. I am praying that He will protect them and bring about a swift release. I am also praying that the orphans will be able to be safely relocated and adopted to loving families.
UPDATE: I just heard on the news that when the ten people were arrested, the orphans were left to fend for themselves outside the jail! Pray for those children, thirty-three kids, ages 2 months to twelve years old.


Anonymous said...

The children definitely need protection, especially from people who more than likely will be making a lot of money off of them, selling them to God knows who. Their families may still be alive in Haiti. They should not be removed until the country is stabilized.
Charities can set up childrens homes and schools in parts of Haiti that were not destroyed by the earthquake. That way, if the children have family members who are now in the hospital who can not search for their children now, will be able to find them.
God bless the children!

Becky, slave of Christ said...

There is an article todayon msnbc with more information about the situation.

I can understand the concern that there not be illegal trafficking, but I also believe this group had no intention of doing that. They were seeking to protect these children. They were trying to get them out of harm's way.

One thing in the article was a relief to me; it reports that "the 33 children were lodged late Saturday at an SOS Children's Village outside of Port-au-Prince."

Anonymous said...

Once again self-righteous ignorant christians have taken it upon themselves to invade another country and take the children. And they are all white christians taking haitian children. Take a look at the video of the shifty eyed bunch of "rescuers". With all the sexual abuse scandals in both the chrisitan leadership and the catholic leadership, any time someone says "God has guided us...." or "The Lord has layed it upon our hearts...." Watch out!!! Corruption follows. DISGUSTING.

Anonymous said...

Becky (slave of Christ??), you have no information that would cause you to BELIEVE this group had good intentions. When adults steal children that do not belong to them, they are usually pedophiles. The perfect guise for pedophiles is church youth leaders, scout leaders, recreation leaders, and yes, christian orphanage staff and leadership. Just take a look at the shifty eyed "christian" men in the video! And then the simpering "christian" women making it possible for these guys to get their hands on these kids. SICK

Anonymous said...

In complete agreement with Anon 8:36 and Anon 8:41. The hubris, arrogance and ignorance of this group is outrageous!

Becky, you made a choice to be "slave" of God. These children would not have been given that choice. And slave has a completely different meaning in Haiti. Frankly, describing yourself as a slave of Christ is just plain weird.

So many horrible things have been done to children in God's name. I'm grateful these religious nuts were stopped. They should stay in jail.

Becky, slave of Christ said...

Four Anonymous and a Hudsonette,

First of all, I appreciate your passion and concern for children in general and these children from Haiti in particular. I share that concern.

I want you to think about what you are saying. You accuse me of making a judgment as to the intention of these men and women without knowing the full situation and then you turn around and make a judgment as to the intention of these men and women without knowing the full situation.

You are not only assuming they are guilty, you are pronouncing them the worst of people. You are accusing them of being sex offenders and pedophiles based on what you consider to be 'shifty eyed "christian" men' and 'simpering "christian" women (who are) making it possible for these guys to get their hands on these kids.' This condemnation you are handing down based on how they look!

Another argument you are putting forth is "With all the sexual abuse scandals in both the chrisitan leadership and the catholic leadership..." Just because there have been Christian and Catholic leadership caught in scandals doesn't mean that all Christians and Catholics are perverts any more than all Muslims are terrorists or all presidents are guilty of infidelity.

I agree with you. The slavery you speak of is frightening and horrible and a direct result of the sinfulness of man. I hate it as much as you do.

Anonymous 8:41,
How can you possibly make a statement like that? It is true that I don’t know any of the people who were arrested personally, but I know others who do know some of them and I still believe that their intentions were honorable and that their desire was to help those children.

Is it impossible for any of you to consider that these people could have been so moved by the reports, pictures and video of the devastation in Haiti that they felt they had to do something? With their churches’ connection with the orphanage in Haiti—which was destroyed in the earthquake—they believed they had the means to help at least a few children and so they decided to act on that desire.

Because we do not have all of the details, we really are not in a position to pass judgment on any of this. Like you all, I have been troubled by some of the news coming out of Haiti concerning this case, but that does not change my prayer that they would be found innocent and allowed to come back home or my prayer that the orphans would be placed in good homes with loving families.

To those of you who feel my user name is strange, you need to read further to see the reasoning behind that name. On the side bar, under the title "KURIOS/DOULOS," you can click on the link "slave of Christ" to do that.

Becky, slave of Christ said...

Anonymous 1:55's comment has been removed. I will not allow blasphemy on this blog. I am still accepting anonymous comments, but all comments will now be moderated.

Anonymous 1:55,
Amazingly, because God is both merciful and gracious, He forgives most acts of blasphemy. The only blasphemy that cannot be forgiven is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit (Matthew 12:31).

If you repent of your sins and confess Jesus Christ as Lord of your life, this sin and all others will be forgiven, forgotten, and removed as far as the east is from the west Psalm 103:8-12; however, if you go to your grave refusing to submit to your Creator, you will have committed blasphemy against the Holy Spirit Who has graciously called you to repentance. From this you will find no forgiveness Romans 6:23).

Anonymous said...

Hope Haitiwill throw the book at them.

Becky, slave of Christ said...

Well Anonymous #5 (or are you one of the other four, or all you all the same person?),
I hope God throws the Book at you. And what I mean by that is that I hope He throws His truths straight into your heart and draws you to Himself. I hope that He shows mercy and grace to you, though you are unwilling to do so for the missionaries in Haiti.