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Thursday, March 18, 2010

God's impeccable timing

I have a friend whose toddler delivered a most timely one-liner this morning and it reminded me of something that happened to me I thought I would share with you. Hopefully I can convince her to blog what happened to her. It is delightful. If she does that, I will be posting a link in an update on this post.

During the wee hours of the morning many years ago, I was on my way home from a little nearby town, where I had been at my sister's house doing some research, on her faster and newer computer, for information on colleges for my son. The time was extremely stressful, as I was helping plan our part in two graduations (one with the institute we belonged to and one with our local home school association) as well as plan and prepare for the evening he would present his oral defense, which was required for graduation. This was plenty, but we also had to figure out what he would be doing in the fall. Very intense. Very stressful. Ridiculously time consuming.

So, back to the wee hours. I was driving west on a four to five mile stretch of road that runs between the town my sister lived in at the time and the one I live in. I was listening to this Christian radio guy who spoke like he was in a cloud or something. He spoke in slooow, soothing tones, with a very breathy, yet lilting voice (I know this sounds impossible, but trust me, he did). He played, sloooow, soothing, put-you-to-sleep music and his program was all calmness and peacefulness. There was a lovely tune playing that was based on the phrase be still and know that I am God, from Psalm 46; I was paying attention and taking the message to heart.

There was a particular line in the song that said something to the effect of, just stop and smell the roses, and just as it was gushing out, I hit a skunk. There was no way to avoid that skunk. It practically jumped under my car. As it performed some interesting sounding end-overs across the bottom surface of my vehicle, it somehow managed to spray as well (talented critter that it was). Trust me, I smelled its roses. I immediately cried out to the Lord something like, I don't think this is funny, but it wasn't long and I was laughing. I have always known that God has a wonderful sense of humor and this occasion certainly helped relieve some stress...except for the part about the duration of a skunk's scent. That chemical has staying power.

Update: My obedient friend Jennifer has come through. Now you can see what prodded my memory and prompted this post, God & Robby's Impeccable Timing.


Jenn Marshall said...

Obedient or pressured? lol Either way, you're welcome.

Becky, slave of Christ said...

We applied pressure. You obeyed. We were blessed. It is a happy ending.

That was not a royal "we." I was not the only one involved in this episode of blog post coercion.

Sanstrom Seven said...

I plead the fifth :)

Becky, slave of Christ said...

Yes, yes, you were my sidekick in the prodding. We did well.