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Friday, March 26, 2010

Haitian Child Slavery

Chuck Peterson at the Idaho Criminal Defense Blog has written a piece about Haitian child slavery, a common practice there, and the outrage he feels that Laura Silsby is still being held though her desire was to help children. I feel the same way. Here is a quote from his article:

Over the weekend I saw one of the TV news magazines (can't recall which one) report that there are likely 250,000 or more children in Haiti who have been sold into slavery. So roughly the population of Boise - only kids in slavery. And we give that government aid? They work for families as domestics and sexual slaves, having been sold by their families. When the family they have been sold to leaves for the day to go to work, they leave the slave kids outside without food, water or shelter. The Haitian government does nothing about this. Nothing. The kids are called Resteveks - and this is hardly a new problem for Haiti.

I pray that God protects Laura and brings her home to her own children soon, knowing that He suffers her to still be there for His purpose and that He will cause it to work out for her best.

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