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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Shepherd's Conference 2010

The Shepherd's Conference is available via live streaming from the Shepherd's Fellowship website. The keynote speakers this year are John MacArthur, Tom Pennington, Rick Holland, Phil Johnson, and Steve Lawson. You need to register with the Shepherd's Fellowship (no cost) to be able to receive it. Tune if for the Truth!

The schedule is here:
(California times)

The live stream link is here and you with choices of audio of video as well as which location you wish to watch. The main sessions are in the Worship Center:

Update: As one would expect of John MacArthur and all of those connected to Grace Community Church, Grace to You, and The Shepherd's Fellowship, they have now opened up their vaults so that their mp3 audio files, their video files and even music files are available to download for free. That is an amazing blessing and I hope you take advantage of it. Those teachings will be of great benefit to you in your walk with the Lord, or your pursuit of Him.

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