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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Emergency Room! It has been several years since we have seen each other and you are so...different!

Just got back from the hospital. The last couple of nights I have been having heaviness in my chest. And other inexplicable pain. They did the usual x-rays, cocktail, iv, oxygen, and the doctor gave me some Ativan there, which started working immediately and then gave me the GI cocktail, which I am certain is a combination of that old Kaopectate, some minty cream thing, and right after I drank it I wath speekng lkh Zjhar Zjhar Binkths. (All of this for me, who hates taking drugs.) My tonghlt, my tougngth...

I have been having panic attacks and wondering what exactly is going on with me. The pressure in my chest was really heavy tonight and I was having breathing issues as well. I now have a prescription of the Avitan to fill, which makes me incapable of driving or doing anything sensible. I guess I will be calling next week for the stress test, but I am not sure when I can get into Dr. Ward for a check up. Hopefully soon. Amazingly, after the cocktail and the drug, I am doing quite well. Pressures gone and I am ready to sleep.

At this point, the doctor said my heart looks really good, but didn't have answers yet. Prayers are a nice idea at a time like this, thank you. :)

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Jenn Marshall said...

Oh, Becky! Take care of yourself! Let us know if there's ANYTHING we can do to help out. We're praying for you.