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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Concerning the Last Post

Looking back on that last post it is easy to see I was under the influence. I should have edited myself before hitting publish, but probably couldn't have edited any better than I could write. It is possible that my problem can be attributed to thyroid. The testing that was done at the hospital came back with a high T4 reading. It was my sister who suggested the possibility. When I explained to her what I have been feeling she was quite familiar with the symptoms. She has Hashimoto's disease and because of this, she has been both hypo and hyper at different times. Yesterday I woke up later than usual and decided not to take my thyroid medicine. I usually take it at 7:00 and then wait an hour before I have breakfast, so I decided since I was late anyway, I would just skip it. I felt pretty good all day and then this morning I took my regular dose. By the time I got to church I was feeling very uncomfortable again; it may just be coincidence, but I am going to discuss it with my doctor. Hopefully I can get right in to see him tomorrow. That will require prayer for God's providential intervention, what doctor ever sees anyone right away?

Concerning the talk I am to give on evangelism next is almost ready. On Friday, I went through it with the Power Point and I believe all the bugs have been found and squished. I am really looking forward to the retreat. My mom has decided she will not be going, which I am sad about, but I was told this morning that my roommate is to be a dear lady I enjoy very much. My prayer is that it will be a lovely weekend, and the Lord will grow us all closer to Himself and to each other. I am also praying that this health issue will be resolved quickly, but of course, that is in my Father's hands. If you think of me and are going to pray, please include the other five ladies who will speaking, as well as those who are overseeing the event.

While I am mentioning prayer requests - please pray that Laura Silsby will be released from the Haitian jail, that Bowe Bergdahl will be rescued from the Taliban and both of them will be able to return home to their families soon. Pray all of these things trusting that God knows more than we do and has matters under control.

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