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Sunday, July 4, 2010

In Dependence Day

Independence Day. The day we celebrate the anniversary of the signing of this country's Declaration of Independence from the tyranny of King George and the British. The history behind this day is rich and I love this country and that story, but I would like to mention my own Declaration of In Dependence. The day I came to understand the heinous nature of my sin-riddled soul and responded to the call of the Holy Spirit to surrender my life to God. The day I became Dependent upon the battle against death that Christ won upon the cross to make it possible for me to live for all eternity. The day that I stopped being dependent upon my ineffective and feable attempts at being a good person and became dependent upon God's work in me as He applies pressure on my life to conform my character to that of His Son's; a process that will not be completed this side of eternity. I am no longer groveling and gloating in the mire of self-righteousness and pride - enslaved to that despot called Sin. Instead, I am sitting at the feet of the King of kings (and King of me), in dependence upon Him for everything.

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