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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Life before slavery

If you read my KURIOS/DOULOS post, you will understand when I came to realize that I am a slave of Christ. Dr. MacArthur's sermon had such a profound impact that I determined to start this blog, but at that time I already had another blog with a different user name. I didn't realize how easy it would be to change my user name and continue on with my blogging here, so I just stopped using that blog. This evening I decided to mess around with the new template designer over there, so I could figure out how it works. I did and now that one has a new look. Because I had manually changed the colors of the fonts in the posts over there the last time I changed it's look, I was changing a lot of them to fit the new design and realized that I should make it public over here.

That blog is called Living Hope and my user name is Aunt Bee. If you go there, you will find some posts similar to this one, but you will also see some more personal posts and interaction with family and friends, as well as some heated discussions.

Another thing about that blog is that it chronicles my health issues from early 2006 to early 2007 when I stopped eating gluten. I had not looked through it for a long, long time and I am realizing that I have not been remembering some of the dates for when things happened correctly. I also realized that though my celiac test was negative, the doctor should have done the biopsy on my small intestine then. It was a much shorter time than I realized from when I had stopped eating gluten and damage would be evident. Hind sight...

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