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Monday, August 9, 2010

Missionaries in a far-distant land

I have friends who are on a mission trip to Tambov, Russia. Traveling half-way around the world to a place where the people you will be ministering to are awake when you are used to sleeping makes for a tough adjustment. Two of the missionaries have been there several times, two are novices. They took masks due to the dreaded smoke issue in Moscow, but the only picture I have seen of them when they were there looked clear. Apparently the flights were being delayed in and out of Moscow, so it is a great blessing they were able to land without difficulties. They are suffering from jet lag and extreme heat, so I am praying that they are able to get some sleep before tomorrow when things get busy. They have some great people they work with in Russia and I know they have had some delightful reunions already.

First, they will be ministering to children in an orphanage in Tambov. The orphans have a tough time of it and our Vacation Bible School has started having fundraising projects each year to help them in some way. Last year we sent slippers to keep their feet warm from cold winters and concrete floors. This year we raised enough to purchase parachutes for playing a variety of games and our own VBS children got to play with them too, so they could know what they were sending to these children so far away.

Life is not easy for orphans in Russia and I pray that the Lord touches the hearts of these young people and draws them to Himself. Peace in Christ is the best peace they can know.

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