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Monday, August 23, 2010

Weather Cat, revisited, revised, and edited

I am reposting this from my other blog, with a few changes and additions. It is one of my favorites from there and it is timely. The original was posted on September 11, 2008, so this is a little early, and Sally Field (the name I wanted to give her, as she was from a litter of cats that a farmer found in a field) hasn't spent a whole night in the house yet. This morning it is chilly though and I expect it will happen soon. 

Weather Cat
Our cat is seasonally aware and she helps us to keep track of them as well. Last night she stayed inside...the whole night! She slept by my husband's legs, because it is cozy there. What does this tell us? It is fall. It is cold outside at night. This morning, after her favorite breakfast of shredded beef (mostly she licks the gravy), she was ready to be outside.

I have to put a special sheet on my bed, as she tends to leave her coat behind when she gets up.

As the days shorten and cool down, she will spend more and more time in the house. When it gets really cold she will have to be forced to go outside; the great outdoors is her powder room, but when there is actually white, powdery stuff on the ground, she is not interested in going there. She had a litter box when she was a wee kitten but once she discovered dirt and space, that item was rejected, and she has never looked back. 

In the spring as the days get warmer, she will start to venture out more. She will still prefer to sleep in the bedroom when she is in the house, but her time there will diminish as the degrees on the thermometer rise. 

As the weather warms, she becomes less of a house cat until, come summer, she only occasionally graces us with her presence. We see her first thing in the morning for her gravy and from time to time she will come in the back door, walk through the house to allow us to touch her, and then out the front door and on to...whatever she does out there.

During the summer we do see her. She is hanging in the back yard, maybe sleeping in the dirt under the porch, wandering the neighborhood, sleeping under some neighbor's car, stalking birds (she caught a hummingbird once!), or peeking out the backyard fence at passersby. 

During the hottest times she will come in the house, eat, and then head to the basement. In the laundry room, she has a blanket-lined basket she sleeps in, or she has a pillowcase-covered chair in another place. It is cool down there. 

She does come inside on summer nights sometimes. She will come into our bedroom and hang out in the screened window. She sleeps and watches and when she sees something really interesting, she is ready to go out and get involved. She doesn't stay in the window for more than a couple of hours in the summer.

We know that the summer is drawing to a close when Sally Field can be found at my husband's feet for a few hours of slumber, and I am reminded of the Lord's promise to Noah, "While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease" (Genesis 8:22). 

Ah, to have a weather cat.

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