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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

November of Thanksgiving: 1-9

Nine: I am thankful for change and the promise that God will work it out for good (along with everything else that happens in the life of a believer; Romans 8:28-29). 

I need to catch up with my fellow bloggers and buddies in this post and let the world know the things for which I am thankful. I am late getting started, so hang on...

One: I have started a diet, which I am using to force myself to eat a better variety healthy foods and be more purposeful in my eating. This is important with so many restrictions.  I am thankful that the Lord has given us an abundance of different foods with which to fill our cornucopia.

Two: If you have spent much time on my blog, you should know that I have been adapting the Generations of Grace curriculum to fit the needs of our church. I finished that this summer, but now I am in the editing part of the process. It took me many, many lessons before I finalized the formatting and we were using the materials as I worked. We are back in Genesis now and I am working away, fine-toothing the lessons. Night before last, I stayed up quite late completing all of the lessons to be taught through the end of January so that when my children come home for the holidays, I won't have to be working on them. I am thankful for this wonderful curriculum that presents solid truth to little ones.

Three: There are many great resource coming out of Grace Community Church and its many ministries. My husband and I are attending an Historical Theology II class once a week at our church. We are watching DVD's of the actual seminary class that was taught by Dr. Larry Pettegrew when he was teaching at The Master's Seminary. I enjoy Dr. Pettegrew very much and I am learning a great deal from the course. In addition to this, there is a sweet opportunity to see my pastor's understanding of theology in a different light as he pauses the player from time to time to put in his own thoughts and encourage discussion. The time is delightful, with learning and pondering truth with dear friends. I am thankful for those saints who have gone before us, hammering out doctrinal details and standing for the truth.

Four & Five: My mother lives with us during the summer and with my sister during the winter. She left a couple of days ago and though it is always an adjustment to get used to her being gone, it is also a blessing for my husband and I. These months are the only ones in which we are truly empty-nesters and we enjoy our time together very much. I am thankful for time with my mother, getting to know her better now that I am an adult and for the time she will have with my sister and her family. I am thankful for the tender intimacy and growth that come from living alone with your spouse.

Six: The school year is well under way and I am delighting in spending time with my preschoolers in Sunday school and my T&T girls in Awana. They keep me young (have I mentioned that before?), they keep me humble, and they keep my awe of the Lord fine-tuned as I observe the abilities of even the youngest minds to comprehend His truth. I am thankful for the honor and blessing to be able to teach children.

Seven: This month has brought with it some very difficult events. Dear friends have gone and are going through great trials. But trials are where a person's character becomes most apparent and I have been blessed to see strength in weakness, joy in pain, hope in the midst of despair. Some of the trials are continuing, some are resolving, and some are resolved. I am thankful that the Lord uses our trials to grow us closer to the likeness of His Son; I am thankful that He uses pain for our progress and His glory.

Eight: I am thankful for the change of seasons. Every season brings its own beauty and its own elements and I love them all. 
Winter is crispy, full of manifold shades of gray and definitive lines and brings cloudy breath and rosy cheeks. It is a time for crackling fires and baking. Warm sweaters and bulky socks rule the day and flannels and cozy blankets rule the night.
Spring is defined by new beginnings. It is the time when everything starts fresh and you feel that you can accomplish great things. Blossoms yawn and stretch their way up out of the ground and bright-colored, lighter clothing are washed and ironed and come bursting into the marketplace, the workplace, the schools, and Sunday morning worship.
Summer is all wet and wiggly. Tank tops, shorts, sandals, water fights, and the tell-tale melody of the ice cream truck, NO SCHOOL, running, jumping and tree climbing. Rolled down windows give us an opportunity to listen to what type of music other drivers enjoy. Air conditioning, picnics, vacations, staycations, camping, hiking, biking, green leaves and blossoms everywhere, crickets, butterflies, gardening, fireworks, and time to get all that stuff you don't have time for during school.
Fall is now and our Creator has seen fit to provide us with a glorious last hurrah of color.  It is the time when leaves get to show off their inner chameleon and we get to soak in the breath-taking beauty. We pull out the warm clothing, get the last of the produce from the garden, and begin thinking about and preparing for the holidays. Turkeys will be roasted, figgy puddings will be baked, pumpkin pies will be piled high with whipped cream and  swallowed with abandon, and my children will come home from college.

I am thankful that my Lord keeps His promises.

While the earth remains, 
Seedtime and harvest, 
And cold and heat, 
And summer and winter, 
And day and night 
Shall not cease.
Genesis 8:22 

Join Rebecca and many others in this November of Thanksgiving blessing.

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