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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

November of Thanksgiving: 17

Seventeen: I am thankful for the AWANA program. It is sound. It is a wonderful place for a child to be nurtured and encouraged in the Truth. The game program is outstanding. Lifelong friendships are forged. Bible Quiz and the Awana Games are both challenging and fun and they provide great opportunities for healthy competition. AND it is a blessing for leaders like me. :)

"But Jesus called for them, saying, 'Permit the children to come to Me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these (Luke 18:16).' "

Rebecca of Rebecca Writes is continuing a five-year tradition of posting what she is thankful for every day in the month of November. She invites others to join her as well. Won't you join us? It is never too late to be thankful!


Lisa notes... said...

My church never had this program, but I have heard about it from several friends who have had it at their churches, and it's always positive responses. I thank God that such programs exist to help get His Word into young hearts.

deldobuss said...

I love AWANA! I have been working in it for 6 years, and my girls have grown up with it.

Becky, slave of Christ said...

We started out participating in programs in churches that offered it and eventually attended churches with programs. I agree with you. It is a great blessing that people have taken the time to develop programs like Awana.

I have been involved with Awana in various rolls for about twenty years. I have been a mom, a listener, and a leader. The last four years, I have been a T&T (3rd-6th grade) girls leader. My daughter met her best friend in Awana. She competed against her at Quiz and the Games for years and the first year they both attended Awana Scholarship Camp they got to know each other and have been best friends ever since, in spite of living forty miles apart while they were still at home and now attending colleges four states apart. Both girls completed the entire program and earned their Citation Awards.

Certain colleges and universities give scholarships to students who earn the Citation Awards. My daughter and her friend received help toward their tuition for all four years of their college careers (they graduate this year). I love it that schools do this.