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Friday, November 19, 2010

November of Thanksgiving: 19

Nineteen: I am thankful for the conviction that comes from God's word through the Holy Spirit. We are in the third unit of Changed into His Image, Recognizing the Evil Within. It is a tough one. Berg does a thorough job of exposing our wickedness and he backs up what he says with Scripture. And yes, he is speaking to believers, because though we are justified fully at the moment of salvation and we are positionally sanctified, our actual sanctification process will continue to progress until we die and will not be complete until we are face to face with Christ.

At our study yesterday, we were discussing how important it is to face our sinful nature. Those who do not know the Lord must first understand their wretchedness, or they will not see their need for a Savior. One of the ladies quoted something that she had heard years before, "The Good News isn't good news unless you know the bad news." It is a catchy little statement that captures the truth well.

It is also important for believers to understand that, though we are no longer slaves to sin, we are still going to sin - this isn't an excuse to sin (may it never be! - Romans 6:1-2), but it is a reality.  I believe that a possible reason for God leaving us with this struggle is that if we were sinless, we wouldn't have a need for Him. As it is, when we sin, we must humbly go before Him and ask for His forgiveness. We are dependent upon Him for everything. Jesus was the sinless One, we are not. As long as we are on this earth, our sinfulness, this body of death, is a constant reminder of how low we are in comparison to our magnificent, powerful, holy, perfect Creator and how amazing His grace to have saved wretches such as we are.

Our sanctification is guided by God, but we have a responsibility to cooperate and participate it it.  Another of the ladies told us of something her husband would say to their sons as they were growing up, "Your thoughts control your actions, your actions control your habits, and your habits control your character." This is why we are told to take every thought captive. These are wise words to remember.

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