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Sunday, November 21, 2010

November of Thanksgiving: 21

Twenty-one: Today I am thankful for the fellowship of the saints. The body of Christ is blessed to be able to interact with one another on so many levels. We are called to bear one another's burdens, enjoy, admonish, encourage, and edify one another. The bond between believers can be instantaneous and strong, and serving the Lord together strengthens our relationships even more.

Today we had our annual Thanksgiving service and Potfaith (think about it) afterward. During the service, we have our regular worship time, then our pastor gives a shorter message than usual - this year from Psalm 100 - and finally, there are a couple of guys with wireless microphones and the congregation is given the opportunity to stand up and testify to things for which we are thankful to the Lord.

This year our body has seen a number of sad, difficult, and joyous changes. We have celebrated several new marriages, said goodbye to dear friends moving away and hello to new people joining us. We have praised the Lord with the finalization of an adoption and when a new baby was born, and grieved over miscarriages.

In truth, every year brings great changes between January 1st and December 31st and we learn to rejoice in the blessings, mourn in the tragedies, and always trust the Lord to work them together for His glory and our good. There were some beautiful, tender things said this morning and it was one more time when God used the circumstances of our lives to draw us closer together.

I love the body of Christ, and I praise God for calling me into it.

What are you thanking the Lord for in your life? Why not join Rebecca, at Rebecca Writes, and a number of other bloggers in proclaiming your thankfulness on the web so that others may read what you have written and rejoice with you?

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