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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thankful on the twentieth of November

I am thankful for the ability to remember. I am thankful for things that bring back memories. I am also thankful that my son is coming home for Thanksgiving.

This video has gone viral on YouTube. It reminded me of a sweet moment when my son was younger. The edges of the memory are as hazy as the sky that day, but the resonance of the event remains.

We were at a zoo in the winter, so all of the critters were inside. We were in a large room inside a large, concrete building. There were standard cages in the middle of the room and along its walls were windows with a foot or so between each window. Behind those windows were small rooms with animals in them. I don’t remember exactly what kinds there were, but probably snakes, lizards, that sort of thing.

As we were walking along one wall, our son was sliding along against it, peeking into each window he came to. It was a pleasant and lazy progression—until he looked into one window in particular. On the other side was a monkey. That monkey happened to be looking out the window, and was apparently a little high strung. The last think it expected was to have a kid’s head suddenly appear right up against the glass. The monkey was startled and started to shriek. The son started to shriek. The mother started to shriek. Only the father did not start to shriek. It was quite comical, really. We all settled down in no time, but it was a great little adventure in the midst of a quiet, gray sort of day.

And speaking of sons. I am also thankful for the wise words that are written to them in the Proverbs.

Hear, O sons, the instruction of a father, and give attention that you may gain understanding, for I give you sound teaching; do not abandon my instruction. When I was a son to my father, tender and the only son in the sight of my mother, then he taught me and said to me, "Let your heart hold fast my words; Keep my commandments and live; Acquire wisdom! Acquire understanding! Do not forget nor turn away from the words of my mouth. Do not forsake her, and she will guard you; love her, and she will watch over you” (Proverbs 4:1–6).

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